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Track Renovation (2)

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Here you can clearly see how several short straight sections combine together to make the gentle curve which links the new straight section to the existing base. The galvanised nail heads betray the positioning of the frames underneath. The frames are of 2x1" rough sawn tanalized carcass.

I have given the completed base section three coats of shed & fence preservative. Luckily the last coat had dried before the rain came. I have left off the side walls for now, as I am thinking of replacing them with fencing made from chicken wire or strimmer wire on this section.

track21s.jpg (37.4K)
track22s.jpg (24.4K)

Of course, my first priority is to restore through running on the permanent way. Here, I have re-installed all the old Peco track that I Iifted before starting the job, and added a new point (turnout) in the top left of the picture to make a short passing loop/steam-up line. It always seems to take more fishplates to put back the track - very frustrating when you run out! By leaving off the sidewalls I should get better drainage from the track base, but ballast will need to be PVA'd to keep it in place.

And now... to get the grass to grow back between the two track levels....

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