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Track Renovation (1)

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After 6 years some of the sidewalls on the oldest trackbed section had worked loose. Parts of the 6"x1" planking had been affected by rot along the edges. I decided to replace this length of track base and use this as an opportunity to make some minor track plan changes.

I lifted the Peco track slowly and carefully so as not to damage the plastic chairs. The track will be relaid on the new timber base. You can see in the picture that after removal of the side walls, much of the original planking was still in good condition. The remnants of early PVA'd ballast make it look messy. The track section routed beneath the shrubs was worst affected by the weather.

Constructing the line in stages over several years helps a manageable maintenance programme as different sections come due for possible remedial work each spring.

The planking has now been completely removed. The supporting posts remain and are in sound condition. The new track base will be wider and will need additional posts.

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Two additional support posts are already in postition. The new timber track base is just resting on the supports whilst it begins to take shape. It will be screwed to the posts and adjoining sections (not glued) to make life easier if the section needs to be removed in future.

Something I learned from examining the old timber is that rot started between the side walls and base edges where moisture remained trapped in the joints. Before new side walls are attached, the new base will have three coats of preservative with particular attention to the plank edges. This should help the timber base last longer than six years before further attention.... Unless of course I decide to revise or extend the track plan before then!!

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