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Steam Up Area (5)

Steam Up Area

The turntable assembly can be lifted out from the pit when not in use. I have fitted brass handrails, but it still needs planking at the ends of the access roads and on the turntable itself. Lengths of aluminium box section along each edge provide rigidity without making the table too cumbersome. Aluminium angle bolted along each box section completes the profile and provides mounting holes for the handrails.

I wasn't happy with the look of the horticultural grit as ballast in the steam up area, so I cleared all of it out to start again.

Steam Up Area

The new groundwork is a mix of cement, sand and peat often called "Rowlands" mix in 16mm circles. It sets hard, looks realistic, and the peat will allow moss to grow. This process can be helped along by brushing on yogurt in desired places. The cement I used had already started to go off in the bag. My preferred method is to apply the mix dry and moisten it afterwards using a spray bottle to start the setting process. The slightly uneven mix gave added "stones" and a realistic effect.

The station lamps have been wired ready to solder grain of wheat bulbs.

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