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Steam Up Area (4)

Steam Up 8 (27K)

The concrete mix was 1 part cement, 3 parts building sand and 3 parts horticultural grit as aggregate. Runny wet mix was poured very slowly into the shuttering and tamped across and round the lighting cables.

If was a fine sunny day so I covered the steam up area with boards and polythene to control setting rate. Next day the shuttering was removed, and the covers replaced for a further few days of drying out. I then cut away the PVC tape and tidied the holes for the station lamps using a craft knife to scrape away surplus concrete.

I used a hammer drill & masonry bit to drill various locating holes for signs and railings.

The track has also been ballasted using horticultural grit with 50/50 diluted PVA trickled into it. This sets hard but may show white at the edges for a few weeks when it rains. This does eventually clear.

Steam Up 9 (41K)

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