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Steam Up Area (3)

Copper pipe will be used as cable ducting under the concrete platforms. The station lamp bases will slide down into brass tube sleeves soldered into the pipe. After feeding through colour coded supply wires for each lamp, the sleeve openings were sealed with PVC tape.

The completed duct has been bonded into position, and given a liberal coat of spirit based varnish to try to minimise corrosive effects of the concrete.

Steam Up 6 (31K)
Steam Up 7 (25K)

Shuttering has been formed from strips of softwood nailed to 6x1 planking to give platform height. Bricks hold the shapes in position ready to receive the concrete.

Note the slight convex shape built onto the top shuttering to give a concave shape in the concrete platform. This will provide the clearance needed for loco buffer beams when negotiating the point. The platform edge adjacent to the point will be fitted with brass railings.

The supply wires emerge from the end of the duct and will terminate in a junction box.

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