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Steam Up Area (2)

Steam Up 3 (34K)

The steam up area has been concreted to give the same operating level as the rest of the railway. The coping stones mortared along the top of the front wall finish off the structure and give somewhere to sit and work when preparing locos.

The track has been bonded into position using "No More Nails - Exterior". Three lines converge on the turntable. Short spurs will be added to the opposite side of the pit when the turntable deck is in position and can be aligned properly. The run around loop will accommodate two bogie coaches or five cattle wagons. This simple layout is functional and should work fine. My old, more complex outdoor layout was seldom fully utilised.

The garden sieve shuttering forming the turntable pit was successful, but quite difficult to remove from the concrete. I probably should have lined it with clingfilm. A small part of the rim was chipped in the removal process. It will be easy to repair this later with filler or mortar, as I intend to build up the ground around the rim and access tracks.

Steam Up 4 (32K)
Steam Up 5 (30K)

Here are some of the components for the turntable motion. The metal turntable support is a type used for furniture such as TV stands, and incorporates ball bearings to give smooth rotation.

The sanding disk will be used as a ready means to attach the rotating deck to the drive axle by means of screws through holes made in the disk. Stability in motion will come from the rotating support.

Final reducing drive will use a toothed belt with matching pulleys which are aluminium. It will be relatively easy to carefully drill out the pulley centres to fit the required axle diameters.

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