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Steam Up Area (1)

Steam Up Plan (13K)

I needed to keep the new steam-up & station area layout simple to make best use of the limited space available - just two points (turnouts) and a turntable.

Already partly filled with some of the rubble from work in the garden, the steam up area has a newly built wall and is ready to be filled with aggregate and concrete to make it level with the rest of the railway. The pipe has been built into the side-wall and when trimmed to size will be the rainwater drain for the turntable pit.

Steam Up 1 (34K)
Steam Up 2 (38K)

This 13" garden sieve was used as shuttering to form the turntable pit. (A circular washing-up bowl might be more difficult to remove once the concrete sets.) The block near the front wall is holding the rainwater drain pipe in position against the base of the sieve. The stone aggregate allows the sieve to be jiggled to get the top edge absolutely level before pouring the concrete around it.

The turntable will be relatively small - a scale 20 feet or so in diameter - but this is accurate for the turntable at Tralee on the TDR for example. A Hunslet's wheelbase would just about fit with the rest of the loco overhanging at both ends!

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