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30 Power & Control Van

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I built this closed van to house two FIAMM-GS 6 volt 4.5 Ah sealed lead acid batteries and a simple manual control circuit. The batteries are wired in series to provide a choice of 6 volt or 12 volt supply. This permits extended periods of scale speed running of a locomotive powered by a 20 volt motor using batteries which otherwise would be too large to be housed inside the loco.

Removing the van roof reveals three double pole switches for on/off function, 6 or 12 volt supply and forward/reverse. There will also be a switch to select RC or manual control.

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You can see that the batteries fit into cut-outs in the van floor, and that there is just enough space remaining inside to fit an RC receiver, smoother and controller!

The power supply for the locomotive is delivered through two 3mm sockets built into the van's "front" end. These sockets are recessed so that when the plugs from the loco are connected, the red and black plug sleeves are hidden from view inside the van body.

The van is then coupled to the loco with a conventional three-link chain so that the power supply wires can hang slack between the loco and the van.

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