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29 Hunslet 2-6-0

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Outrageously large....! At 15.5 inches long excluding the buffers and couplings, this loco is almost 4 inches longer than a Roundhouse Lady Anne. It can easily negotiate 4 foot radius curves, but 3 foot radius or less would derail the pony wheel.

Whilst I don't claim it to be a precise scale model, the dimensions are right at 16 mm scale for the T&D Hunslet 8T on which it is based. Construction is mainly from aluminium with some brass components.

I had some help from Ray Smith and the lathe turning service at Bywater Models, Bideford UK. Ray did an expert job of turning the tapered chimney and bespoke axles to my drawings.

hunslt2s.jpg (23.3K)

Whilst this is a steam outline loco, it is actually powered by batteries to run either in the garden or indoors. Drive is provided by a Buhler 7-pole 20 volt motor that has an integral flywheel and is both powerful and smooth.

The two leads from the cab have 3mm plugs which connect to a van containing two large 4.5Ah sealed lead acid batteries. The supply can be switched to 6 volts for running at a slow crawl, or to 12 volts for scale speed running under load. I haven't yet run the batteries to exhaustion but I expect them to give around 5 hours operation between charges.

hunslt1s.jpg (31.9K)

The power & control van will also have a switchable option to run under radio control. More about the van on the next page.

My wife has adopted the loco - and in due recognition it carries the name "Lady Elizabeth". I haven't yet managed to persuade my wife that the loco would look OK with the wooden toolboxes as carried by T&D 8T, so for the time being it runs without them!

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