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27. RC for Lady Sarah (2)

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The tender body can easily be removed for access to the batteries and radio control equipment. The front and top body section is a single very rigid 0.064" aluminium sheet held in place on the chassis by just two 6BA bolts at the front.

I fixed a U-shaped aluminium mounting plate to the tender floor. The various RC components could then be conveniently attached to this plate using double sided adhesive foam pads(sometimes called "Sticky Fixits" here in the UK).

The tender contains, from left to right, the radio control receiver, battery harness containing 4 AA rechargable NiMH cells, and an anti-glitch unit (servo smoother.)

rc10.JPG (20.5K)

This image shows how the radio antenna is coiled up under the "coal". The coal is made from cork chips on a cardboard base and so does not impede radio reception. (This arrangement conveniently removes the need to feed an aerial wire back to the loco or to insulate the cab roof for use as an antenna.)

Under the front edge of the tender floor, behind the tender pivot linkage, you can see the position of the two connection points (one for each channel) for the servo cables from the loco.

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