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25 Adding a Tender

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Now well and truly hooked on radio control through building the F501, my attention turned to my first live steamer - Lady Sarah. I didn't think there would be enough room on the loco to house the batteries, receiver and anti-glitch box. So the solution I adopted was to build a tender to provide the necessary additional space..

Well I think it suits her, anyway!

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I built the tender mainly from aluminium. The back plate from the original loco cab was removed, and the buffer beam and handrails fitted to the tender.

The "coal" consists of cork chips partly cut, and partly broken from a cork tile. These were glued to a removable cardboard base using PVA glue to form a suitably shaped pile, which was then spray painted with auto matt black acrylic.

Being non-metallic, the coal insert can be used to cover the radio receiver antenna.

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