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23. F501 Joins the Duty Roster

F501 Side View (19.5K)

The F501 is at last ready to take its place on the WCR's duty roster. The ladders, coil springs, cow catchers and lamps have all been added. You can just make out the driver's seat positioned so he sits sideways in the cab.

My eldest daughter has promised to paint some whitemetal figures for me, including a driver! 'Till then we're pretending he's still in Murphy's bar....

F500 Lamps (26.5K)

A brief sunny spell on an otherwise overcast March afternoon. Its lights still on, the new loco moves off at a sedate crawl to collect the evening goods to Waterville. I've now added a solid state speed controller to the in-cab control panel. It uses pulse control to permit very slow running.

The picture shows the distinctive F500 ladder bolted to the beam, together with the cow catcher and coil springs painted in red oxide

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