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22. Station Reconstruction (2)

Photo: train301.jpg (16.5K)

I cut station name boards from .032" aluminium sheet and filed the corners round. The mounting posts are 7mm square strip pine with a 30mm section at the base shaved and sanded to a round profile. I glued name boards to both sides of each pair of posts and applied two coats of white household undercoat. Each complete sign assembly drops into holes drilled at suitable locations on the platforms at both Waterville and Caherdaniel. There is no need for permanent fixing.

The lettering was inkjet printed from Word 97 on good quality 100gsm inkjet paper using Arial and Gaelige1 true type fonts at 18 point bold. The paper signs were cut out and glued onto the boards with PVA and then sealed with three coats of solvent based matt varnish.

Photo: train302.jpg (22K)

The station nameboards were left in position outdoors and withstood two weeks of changeable UK weather with no sign of fading or other adverse effects. They can be lifted out of the locating holes for maintenance or over-winter storage. When drilling the holes I noticed that water had permeated through the exterior filler used to make the platforms. So I have now sealed the platform surfaces at both stations with two coats of stone-coloured masonry paint.

This particular image reminds me of a photograph on page 154 of "The West Clare Railway" (Patrick Taylor/Plateway Press) taken at Moyasta station in 1955.

Photo: train303.jpg (27.3K)

Midday Spring sunshine streams through an overhanging apple tree and casts a patchwork of dappled shade onto Caherdaniel's platform.

Not too many blooms yet, but masses of fresh green Spring foliage. The flower bed in this picture will have Roses, Honeysuckle, Pieris (Forest Flame), Geraniums and the straight tree trunk just to the left of the girder bridge is a "Woolly Willow". Spiraea is already in flower in the background - a white canopy overhanging the upper level line. (The angle of the shot makes the flower bed appear closer to the track than it actually is.)

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