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21. Station Reconstruction (1)

Track Changes

Diagram: Track7.gif

The first few fleeting days of Spring sunshine arrive.... And some serious station reconstruction work begins. The attractions of a second track providing a passing slip had proved irresistable! On the plan, orange lines show the revised track route.

Photo: track9.jpg (24.5K)

This is "New" Caherdaniel from a vantage point on the upper level line in early evening. I was keen to get some shots of work just completed whilst the weather was still fine. Fading light reflecting from the platform and ballast gave an emphatic contrast against the subdued garden backdrop.

I needed to make sufficient room in the Southerly station approach to install two new 4' radius points. I lifted the entire platform and base decking from its supporting posts and relocated it 2.5 ft. North East along the line. Platforms built from exterior filler on a 1 inch base are v-e-r-y heavy. New support posts were added and decking built for the second track. The siding at the far end is long enough for two locomotives whilst raising steam.

Photo: track8.jpg (27K)

Here's a different view showing the station's new Northerly approach taken this time from beneath the upper level line bridge section. The tracks begin to converge ready to join at the third set of new points. The signals have been relocated to suit the new track arrangement. (Shame about the compost bin in the background! Some judicious planting is called for....)

The station area still looks quite bare. Wooden plank crossings and some bilingual station name signs will be added next. (To help inhibit rusting, I seal the heads of track pins to the sleepers with a small blob of auto matt black cellulose paint.)

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