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17. Drop Sided
Open Wagon

Photo: wagon1.jpg (27K)

I built this freelance open wagon from a "GS6" kit from Brandbright Limited. The kit was ordered with optional larger axleguards (RSA2A) and 3.2 mm brass journals to allow fitting of 30 mm diameter gauge 1 wheels (RSA29/1) in keeping with the rest of my goods stock.

A useful tool for building a kit like this is a set of sprung plastic clothes pegs from the washing line...! Use them to hold wooden components together in position until the PVA glue has dried.

The result is a neat and compact wagon somewhat shorter than standard WCR goods vehicles but very useful for expanding rolling stock numbers at reasonable cost.

Photo: wagon2.jpg (27K)

The kit can be constructed to enable the wagon sides to hinge down. The cast whitemetal hinges needed some work with a file and modelling knife to trim off excess metal flash.

I made and fitted my own replacement buffer beams. At 18mm these are deeper than the beams supplied with the kit. The larger wheels and axleguards increase the track clearance of the wagon. If I had used the original beams, the buffer centres would have been higher than the generally accepted standard of 24mm from the tops of the rails. The deeper beams enabled me to fit the buffers at the correct height.

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