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16. Ready for Market Day

Photo: train152.jpg (27K) Lady Jane steams into Caherdaniel with a rake of four new Pickering cattle wagons. Transporting cattle and other livestock on market days is a major part of the line's business.

Whilst Pickering supplied some wagons for the Tralee and Dingle, much of the original stock for the WCR was supplied by the Bristol Company. (Model kits for the T&D stock used to be available but seem difficult to come by just now.)
Photo: train159.jpg (27K) These vehicles were built from Brandbright kits modelled on cattle wagons supplied by Pickering for the Welshpool and Llanfair Railway. My wife bought them for me at Christmas and it has taken me until now (June) to build them all!! I used a home made press weighted with unopened cans of tinned food to bend the plywood roofs into shape overnight after soaking them in boiling water.
Photo: train177.jpg (27K) This particular wagon is not quite finished. To allow occasional running as the end vehicle without a brake van, it has been fitted with batteries and a switch to power the red LED which is just visible to the lower right of the end section. This LED will form the lens of a rear running lamp which was being painted at the time the photo was taken. (Fine days with good light for taking pictures are a bit of a rarity here in the UK just now, and the photo opportunity was too good to miss.)

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