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14. Introducing Lady Jane (1)

Photo: train168.jpg (27K) Meet Lady Jane, a stunning Lady Anne class loco built by Roundhouse Engineering in Doncaster, UK and delivered on time last November. It's only now that I've had an opportunity to take some new pictures.

I've reworked the buffer beams slightly to resemble WCR Kerr Stuart Loco No.10 "Lahinch". Name plates, number plates and running lamps have also been added.
Photo: train201.jpg (27K) Lady Jane is butane fired. The cab roof is hinged on the left and flips up to reveal (from upper left to lower right) the pressure gauge, steam regulator, gas regulator and gas filler on the top of the butane tank. The steam oil reservoir is also located in the cab.
Photo: train205.jpg (27K) When I ordered the plates I intended to glue them into place, but despite careful sanding down to roughened bare metal this didn't work out. The glue could not withstand steam and oil. So I drilled the tank sides and refixed the plates with countersunk bolts and nuts. The plates were not ordered with bolt fixing in mind as I made no allowance for extra spacing between the lettering and the border at each edge. New plates will be need to be fitted in due course.

The number plate lettering doesn't show up well in this particular photo. It reads "WCR 14 1922".

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