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13. Waterville & Caherdaniel (2)

Photo: train121.jpg (27K) We've now moved our vantage point further back, looking South with Caherdaniel platform still just visible to the distant right. This picture shows where the old upper level line now spans the new track at Pear Tree.

To the left of the picture is the 1:36 incline which eventually joins the lower level just beyond the double track section in the centre of the "dog bone"... (The ballasted bays provide space for trackside signs and other accessories.)
Photo: train129.jpg (27K) Now we've moved to the South side of Pear Tree, looking round to the North West. This provides a better view of where the lower end of the 1:36 gradient ends and the linking line joins the through track. The older upper level track section will eventually be reworked to form a proper bridge up to the point where it disappears behind the pear tree at the right of the picture.

The coil of cable which can be seen just beyond and to the right of the girder bridge is part of work in progress on low voltage power for station and building lamps.
Photo: train115.jpg (27K) Finally, the new North return loop completes the dog bone shape of the lower line. The track is level but the rise of the garden slope brings the line as low as 9" from the ground at its Northernmost point.

Both track levels have been designed to allow my favourite (railway) activity of continuous running of live steam trains without the need for radio control. Provision for sidings and shunting is mininal, but rolling stock can be shunted onto the link line or onto the station slip at Waterville if necessary.

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