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12. Waterville & Caherdaniel (1)

Track Plan

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Photo: train217.jpg (27K)
The line now has a name! The towns of Waterville and Caherdaniel actually exist in Eire. But the narrow gauge railway linking them to carry freight, cattle and passengers to and from the Irish coast is of course entirely fictional. It borrows extensively from the "nearby" Tralee & Dingle and West Clare Lines.

There's still much to do at Caherdaniel station. The platform base has just been completed. (Built the same way as Waterville platform from exterior filler.) Soon work will start on signals and station lamps.
Photo: train216.jpg (27K) The line now has two operating levels. The upper near-oval loop is the original track laid in 1996. The new lower level extension follows a "dog bone" shape doubling the track length. The two levels are connected by a punishing 1:36 incline.

Here's a wider view of the South return loop on the lower level, which includes Caherdaniel station. Although the track is level the effect of the garden slope gives it a height of 29" above ground level at the Southernmost point.

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