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11. A Surprise Arrival !

Photo: train91m.jpg (29K)

Yipes! A diesel? ...Well, I wanted a locomotive which could provide interest whilst the Kitten (and eventually, the Lady Anne) are being prepared for steaming. That's my excuse anyway....!
This basic SM6 model locomotive was built in Wales by Salem Steam Models, Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire SA19 7HD. It is by no means completely incongruous as an addition to the line - three Walker Bo-Bo diesels became a feature of the West Clare Railway in 1955.

Photo: train86m.jpg (26K)

SM6 is a freelance loco of metal construction. Its design could easily represent a smaller Walker prototype had one been introduced to the WCR. It is powered by a rechargeable lead-acid battery and has a simple forward-off-reverse switch in the cab (a speed controller is optional). For now, I have decided against installing speed control because the gear ratio already provides a very satisfying and realistic scale running speed of around 18 mph accompanied by plenty of torque.... just right.

(In the background is a glimpse of work in progress on a lower level line to be reached using a 1:30 gradient from the main level, and "Caherdaniel" station - a "new destination" as promised in page 6.)

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