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8. Springtime Steaming (2)

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Kitten hauls her heavy load out of the leafy shade of Weigela Junction into bright spring sunshine and the long straight section of line.... For me, this is where the elevated construction of the track bed really comes into its own. You can comfortably crouch down or sit in a position low enough to appreciate the whole effect of the tractive effort, the steam and the garden setting as the trains trundle past.

Photo: train90g.jpg (28K)

Nearing the end of its run, our train steams across the girder bridge and into "Pear Tree" curve (the track really does pass under a pear tree) toward the station approach. The bridge has just had a fresh coat of red oxide paint in recognition of its remaining steadfastly in place for most of the Winter months. So ends our Springtime tour of the line.

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