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7. Springtime Steaming (1)

Photo: train77g.jpg (22K)

At last, Spring has arrived and the line has really come to life. The garden's still fresh with morning dew as a 9:30 up passenger waits to raise a full head of steam. The two coaches each weigh over 3 lbs. Their weight helps to give a smooth and steady ride and the total load calls for some hard work by the locomotive's cylinders. This picture shows the end detail of the newly completed Bristol composite brake.

Photo: train69f.jpg (27K)

Having travelled around twenty five feet along the line, Kitten negotiates Weigela Junction. She has recently been fitted out with vacuum gear to accommodate the Bristol coaches. Kitten still works the line on her own - but help is on the way - a Roundhouse Lady Anne is due to arrive in November. (I'll then be able to rename both locos after our two daughters: Lady Jane and Lady Sarah.)

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