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5. Lineside Construction

Photo: train22.jpg (17K)

Not yet complete - my freelance design signal cabin. Roof slates, brick cladding around the base, and entry steps to the opposite side doorway remain to be fixed. Batteries will be mounted under the cabin floor to power the platform "gas" lamps. The McKenzie and Holland type signal almost in the foreground is one of three constructed from Roundhouse kits supplied by Brandbright.

Photo: train59.jpg (23K)

The track supported by this girder bridge provides the final link in the continuous run for steam trains. The bridge was scratchbuilt from strip pine and painted using red oxide cellulose based primer used for car body repairs. Although a little tricky to apply to wood, it gives realistic looking matt finish which is weather resistant. This track section is removable to allow wheelchair and other access.

This was my introduction in 1996 as a newcomer to 16mm scale narrow gauge live steam railways. It was just the beginning! The next pages tell the continuing story of the development of the line and rolling stock.

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