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4. Permanent Way

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The 45mm gauge track forms a continuous circuit to get the best from live steam running. There are no significant gradients. The raised construction of the straight section of track shown here follows the line of the shrub and flower beds providing a reasonably convincing setting all year round. The track bed is mounted on 3" x 3" posts which vary from 18" to 30" high to compensate for the garden slope. The post bases are held in heavy metal fence spikes ("Metposts") sledge-hammered into the ground taking care to avoid any underground pipes.

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A view of the (developing) station area taken in poor light on a damp, chilly December morning. Two cast platform gas lamps to the left, and the "up" signal in the distance are just discernable. The platform is made from "Exterior Polyfilla" which sets rock hard and is weatherproof. The track base increases from 7" wide to 18" wide to accommodate the station area. Low side walls 12-15" long have been fitted to hold the loose laid limestone track ballast. Gaps between sidewall sections permit water drainage from the track bed.

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