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3. Rolling Stock

Photo: train13.jpg (18K)

This coach was my second attempt at scratch building. It is based on drawings by David Pinniger (in the "The Dingle Train" published by Plateway Press) of a Bristol 27 foot full 3rd coach as used on the Tralee and Dingle and later the West Clare 3 foot gauge Railways in Eire. Seating consists of two benches mounted sideways running almost the entire internal length of the coach. Bogies, wheels and metal fittings were supplied by Brandbright. A Bristol 27 foot brake composite coach is awaiting its paint job and will feature on these pages shortly.

Photo: train12.jpg (19K)

I constructed this Ballymena and Larne Railway Goods Brake Van from drawings by Jonathan Beaumont published in the May 1996 issue of "Garden Rail" Magazine. It was my first attempt at scratch building in 16mm scale. (Strangely, I built two at the same time.) Detailed information on these vehicles seems sparse - the drawings used were themselves from photographs. I hope I have at least captured the overall look of the prototype van. Work is now in progress on three ballast wagons. (The roof apex in the photo belongs to a partially completed signal cabin.)

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