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Lady Jane Gets R/C (3)

Regulator valve

The position of the pressure gauge on my manually controlled loco would have obstructed the control arm for the RC regulator. The steam feed pipe has to be disconnected to fit a new regulator valve specially adapted for RC control. With the pipe detached, I also removed the pressure gauge from the end of its pipe and v-e-r-y gently eased the pipe from its old position in front of the steam feed pipe (as viewed from the cab) to a new position just behind and to the left of it. I kept the loco upright during this process to retain any water in the "U" of the pipe. The new position allows the arm to rotate through its arc, and the gauge can still be read easily through the cab side opening or through the left rear spectacle plate.

(Left image) The new RC type regulator valve, control arm and push rod have all been fitted. I re-used the original fibre washer as the one supplied with the kit was thicker, and left the steam pipe "T" union 180 deg out of position when tightened. It also took me a couple of secs to realise that the control arm rotates "downward" to open the RC regulator!! (The manual regulator lever had rotated upward in the opposite arc.)

The on/off switch for the on-board receiver and servos is installed on the footplate to the right hand side of the boiler, facing down so that the switch can be operated from underneath the footplate. The slider is just visible in the picture (right image). Suitable screw holes and a cutout for the slider are already provided in the footplate. The terminal block is my addition and not part of the Roundhouse kit.

Switch (32K)

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