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Lady Jane Gets R/C (2)

Servo link 1 (40K)

I removed the manual forward/reverse lever (on the loco footplate) and push rod. The first servo is mounted on two brass posts which are bolted to the loco footplate left side of the boiler. All required holes and cut-outs are pre-cut in the manual loco's footplate. A replacement shorter push rod connects the servo to the reversing gear.

I angled the new push rod very slightly (left image) to clear the front edge of the servo and the loco frame at both limits of servo travel.

The instruction sheet refers to using short servo horns, but I was able to use the circular actuators supplied in the Hitec set OK with no travel constraints or catching difficulties.

The second servo controls the steam regulator from under the cab floor. A mounting bracket is folded from a pre-cut brass sheet supplied in the kit (right image). Two mounting screws require soldering into holes in the top of the bracket.

Mounting (32K)
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The bracket is used to mount the second servo between the loco frames with the actuator aligned with a cutout in the cab floor through which the push rod attaches to a new regulator control arm.

I used longer 6BA bolts instead of the bolts supplied, and a couple of spare brass wheel bearings as spacers (left image) in order to improve the clearance between the moving push rod and the back of the gas jet supply pipe (right image).

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