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Lady Jane Gets R/C (1)

Changing to an out-and-back garden railway meant it was time to convert Lady Jane, our only manually controlled loco, to Radio Control. Lady Jane is a Lady Anne class loco built by Roundhouse Engineering. A quick email to Roundhouse got me their HBK10 Lady Anne RC fittings kit in just a few days for £22.55 plus VAT (at time of purchase). These next few pages describe how I converted my manual loco to RC, and are not a substitute for Roundhouse's comprehensive instruction sheets.

HBK10 (12K)

All components are sealed in clear polythene pockets. You can open just what you need for each step when you need it. Very helpful....

....But I opened everything to take a picture!

HBK10 is one of a series of Roundhouse modules for Lady Anne kit builders. It comes with full instructions for installation & set-up. Using the kit to convert a factory built manual loco to RC set me a couple of minor problems but these were easily solved. More on those later in these pages.

HBK10 (31k)
HBK10 (48K)

I also ordered a Hitec Ranger III 40MHz Transmitter and Receiver Set which includes two standard servos. One servo will control the loco's reversing gear whilst the other will control the steam regulator.

It is recommended to remove the centring spring from the left hand (regulator) control stick. Six screws holding the back panel are unscrewed and the panel lifts away. Take care not to stress the cables that are still attached. The spring is easily visible and simply unhooks top and bottom. Removing the spring leaves a loose trailing arm which I also removed by sliding it to the right out of its pivot hole.

The circuit lower left of this picture is not part of the Hitec set. It is an RC switch built from an Action Electronics kit, not essential for the conversion. It can use the third channel to switch optional on-board equipment.

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