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Padiham event 2006 (3)


Wonderworld - A theme park, fully automated, with a selection of thrilling rides, including, power tower, log flume, yes the water is real! Dodgems and many more. Includes a monorail, miniature railway and road train. With over one thousand customers and lots of entertaining attractions.

The first two stages are nearly complete, but there are some extra surprises to be added. The next stage is being started with winder and will add another 8’ making the layout 28’ long altogether. The layout is not based on any particular theme park.....


.....and we have tried a few! As theme park enthusiasts we have built Wonderworld to try and represent what could be a typical theme park. Many kits on the layout have had to be altered, from minor modification to heavily kit bashed. While building this theme park has been very enjoyable there are some things we wouldn’t do again. We hope everyone enjoys it.

Wonderworld – designed and built by a small family group, Brian Howorth, Traci Yates, Leanne Laycock, Marcus Laycock and Jade Laycock.

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