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Padiham event 2006 (2)

East Lancs Tramway

Our one trade stand at the Padiham event was East Lancs Model Tramway Supplies run by John Whitehouse. John's mail order business is based in Burnley and on the Web at

John specialises in supplying model trams as kits, die cast, or ready to run from scales N to G, and accessories including mechanisms, additional detailing, street scenes and vehicles. And says most models on the market are available through him at competitive prices.

John can supply many difficult to find items, such as the Line A Russian models, MB from Prague and ETS O gauge tinplate trams and street track system, together with a small range of other tramway-related items including photos and books..


David Smith's Hasselhof(f) is the historical central area of a typical German town, where the local Strassenbahn is in the process of being modernised towards light rail standards. As a complement to this venture, the town has incorporated a small railway museum on a disused stretch of track. The layout was originally conceived to demonstrate that it is possible to go “Continental, and model an urban environment within the confines of a limited space where there is necessity for tighter curves.

David explains: actor David Hasselhof's single “Looking for Freedom” topped the German charts for several weeks reflecting the aspirations of the German people prior to the dismantling of the infamous Berlin Wall -hof: German language suffix implying a building.

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