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Rebuilding the Railway (3)

New Track 7

The railway runs behind the greenhouse to link the two station areas. The track is level, but the ground levels are different. The far station is on a raised area, with the track in the foreground in a cutting. You can just see the layout of the station & steamup area at the far side through the iron railings. This section was ballasted using a mix of dry cement and limestone chippings.

From here, the track curves round the back of the summerhouse and into the tunnel. I think the separation gives more of an impression that the railway actually goes somewhere, instead of a circular line where destinations are within sight of each other.

The railway emerges from the summerhouse tunnel mouth into a second slate-lined cutting. Here, the ballast changes from cement & chippings to horticultural grit bonded with PVA. Planting along the top right of the cutting is well established and already needs to be cut back where it overhangs the track.

New Track 6 (38K)

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