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Rebuilding the Railway (1)

New Track 1

The re-laid Peco track sweeps round to the return loop whilst still allowing unimpeded access to the rest of the garden.

The track laying method used is completely different to the old WCR line. I prefer to fix the track in position on the concrete bed, and I used "No More Nails - Exterior" which seems to work well provided the concrete is dry & dust free. The ballast used is also different. It is horticultural grit which is slightly larger, sharper, and deeper in colour than the limestone chippings. The ballast is held in place with 50/50 diluted PVA. (Need to check the weather forecast for some consecutive fine days!)

This section of track has been bonded into position on the concrete bed and is ready for ballasting. It runs past the pond's UV clarifier, which prevents the water in the pond from being turned into dense green soup by algae growth. Note the armoured cable.

New Track 2
New Track 3

The large return loop is taking shape. You can see the transition from ground level to the slightly raised section on brick piers. The straight section will have bays corresponding to the position of each supporting pier, which will provide space for signals and signs.

The aim is to integrate the railway to make it a feature of the garden.

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