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Rebuilding the Garden (10)

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Three weeks after seeding the grass is looking ready for its first cut. A good watering every evening and long warm sunny spells have really brought it on.

The pond has a medium variety water lily, some water soldiers and haregrass for oxygenation. The fountain pump intake is connected to a multiple element foam filter in the deepest part by 3 metres of 32mm flexible hose. Fountain height is set relatively low and provides a major attraction for local wild birds. I will set up my camera in the summerhouse on a tripod for some time delay shots to see if I can capture the visitors on image.

The gap left without mortar between two pavers in the foreground is to direct any overflow to a soakaway under the gravel

Pansies already provide a welcome splash of vivid colour in the raised beds. They were planted out only about four weeks ago, together with Aquilegia, hardy and annual Geraniums, Cornflower, Penstemon, Hydrangea, Euphorbia, Pinks, Lavender, Sedums and Roses.

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