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Rebuilding the Garden (9)

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Yay! The summerhouse has arrived! The lawn areas have been seeded and I have almost finished laying brick pavers following the curve of the pond edge. I used a strong 1:3 mortar mix dyed with red cement colouring. If mortar drops into the pond this is not good news for fish, and necessitates emptying, cleaning & refilling.

This part of our garden is separated from a patio area to the left by a wrought iron gate and iron railings alongside the greenhouse. We are enjoying a warm sunny spell, and the plants in raised beds and along the cuttings have established really quickly. (Compare this with the top image on page 3.)

The track makes its way along the gradually deepening cutting to the tunnel under the summerhouse. The slate sides are reinforced by concrete. There will eventually be a tunnel mouth also formed from concrete.

You can see that we are not aiming for a model village here, more a railway where the trains can run, that is an integral part of the garden.

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