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Rebuilding the Garden (8)

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The pond excavation has been cleared of sharp stones, and then to further reduce risk of punctures, lined with offcuts from a carpet fitter to form a cushion for the butyl liner. Some pond builders use sand for this. The liner was fitted and the pond filled with water to push the liner fully into the pond's contours. The carpet and butyl were then cut roughly to size. The carpet will later need to be cut flush with the concrete pond edge.

In the background of this picture you may just be able to make out the brick piers which will support the raised section of the railway's return loop.

The concrete base for the summerhouse has a row of paving slabs across the front which will form a narrow verandah. The railway wends its way around the back and curves left toward the greenhouse. A test length has been ballasted using a dry cement mix. You can just see how the concrete base has been cut away along the right edge to fit three more slabs to complete it whilst also forming the tunnel roof.

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