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Rebuilding the Garden (1)

Our elevated wooden line had served us well for seven years, but it was time for a big change. The WCR was complex and quite demanding to maintain. It monopolised a section of garden where we wanted a summer house, a pond, and raised beds that could be tended from a wheelchair. With no regrets about starting with a wooden elevated line, this marks a new chapter in our 16mm story.

So, shock horror! - the old WCR has been demolished. And this series of pages and pictures tells the story of rebuilding the garden with a simpler 110 feet out and back railway. The line will be level, running through two cuttings, a tunnel, a ground level section, and a partly elevated return loop.

trackoab.jpg (34K)

Page 2 - Winter Devastation
Page 3 - Clearing the Site
Page 4 - Heavy Construction Work
Page 5 - Raised Beds & Pond Apron
Page 6 - Paths & Track Bed (1)
Page 7 - Paths & Track Bed (2)
Page 8 - Pond & Summerhouse Base
Page 9 - Finishing the Pond
Page 10 - We have Grass and Flowers
Page 11 - And Now, Railway Building

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