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Garage Line Extended! (2)

Module 5 (63K) Module 5 (62K)

Previously the sidings module, the tracks here have been relaid to allow room for a platform and a low-relief warehouse backdrop with gas lamps along the front wall. This will extend for almost the entire length of the plain board on the right hand side. The ballast is PVA'd horticultural grit. ...And on with the Nov 2004 show as the Walker diesel coasts into the partially completed station area with a push-pull working.

Coal Cart (48)K Tunnel Mouth (60K)

Elsewhere on the line, traditional transport proves best - passing a broken down car in the lane. This coal cart came as a kit of plans and materials from W. Hobby Limited. Not an easy project, but well worth the effort. The tunnel mouth at the end of module 3 really does now lead into a tunnel!

Detail of coal cart Cart detail: I've added a seat with aluminium springs, and black fabric sacks filled with "coal" - cork pieces first sprayed matt black. I've also substituted smaller drilled wooden beads used to join the brass rods for the frame.

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