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Garage Line Extended! (1)

Module 4 (95K) Module 4 69K) Work starts on module 4 with a basic 2x1 carcass frame and panels - planned from the start in three dimensions. Track is laid at an early stage to get a workable radius and to fix alignment to modules 3 and 5. I then tested and marked the overhang clearances for the largest items of rolling stock.
Module 4 (49K) Module 4 (55K)

I blame the visitors at last year's exhibition....! "Why don't you extend it round the room?" they asked. So, for 2004 I've built 2 extra garage line modules which extend the railway into an "L" shape enabling the trains to run between two stations. Module 4 curves the track through 90 degrees, and the old sidings module will form a station area with a low relief warehouse/brewery as a backdrop. Only trouble is, there isn't room to assemble the entire line in our garage, so the only time I can use the full running length is at an exhibition. At home I have to make do with modules 1-3 with an end-stop in the tunnel mouth.

The short tunnel is completely boxed in (upper left image) and the hillside contours are formed from plywood sheet and spacers. A sheet of chicken wire was used to shape the large hill area over the tunnel. The landscape was then formed using the same technique as used on modules 1 to 3, by covering with six or seven layers of PVA'd newspaper pieces (top right image).

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