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8. Garage Line Scenery (4)

wcrple56.jpg (24K)

Having an imminent exhibition date is always a useful spur for getting jobs done. You've got to improve on last year's show! Scenery progress on module 3 includes an additional tree, a new home signal for down traffic, and some basic ground cover on the hillside.

The "grass" is Heki foam granules which I needed to give the impression of coarse grazed clumps at this scale. The tree was cut from a real tree in our garden, with Woodland Scenics foam as foliage.

The two ducks on the water have now been joined by a swan.

wcrple54.jpg (18.8K)

On module2, the laborious task of planting the long coconut fibre grass into Oasis foam has at long last been completed. The grassy slopes now accentuate the depth and narrowness of the cutting from the roadbridge to the crossing. The next stage is to erect fencing.

You can just see F501 about to leave Caherdaniel station under the road bridge. I'm pleased with the way the lane has turned out as planned. (Plans on paper do not always prove practicable!)

wcrple57.jpg (31K)

Module 1 now has a water tower and a coaling stage. Once again, the coal has been cut and broken from cork tile and sprayed with matt black car acrylic.

...And F501 pulls out of Caherdaniel with a short train of empties.

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