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7 Garage Line Scenery (3)

wcrple29.jpg (18.8K)

The bridge parapets and tunnel mouth now have their "stone" cladding.

The river "water" is high gloss clear varnish (solvent based) poured over the river bed which had been first painted with poster colour, and left to dry. This exercise wasn't entirely successful as some of the varnish managed to leak out leaving the layer thinner than I had intended!

The two ducks were a last minute addition just in case anyone was in any doubt that this was supposed to be water. They proved very popular at the exhibition.

wcrple47.jpg (21.3K)

This picture shows how the country lane sweeps down behind the signal box and over the rail crossing beyond the bridge. I haven't finally decided whether to leave the crossing without gates.

The road surface is exterior filler. Left unsmoothed it makes a convincing rough country lane.

Two lengths of "L" section brass were nailed to the sleepers at the crossing to keep flangeways free from the filler.

wcrple53.jpg (28.4K)

Here's the view from the tunnel mouth toward the station. In a relatively short distance I've managed to include a gentle curved section between the bridge and the signal box.

The back scenes are temporary - prepared for the exhibition. My eldest daughter has promised to paint some far more artistic scenes for me during the Christmas holidays.

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