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November already!! ...And thoughts turn again to Winter projects.

Here, I've re-attached the garage line's sections after the railway has just returned from its first public outing at a local church hall. With two helpers, we had a great day's running with radio controlled battery locos from sidings beyond the tunnel mouth, following a very simple timetable.

The exhibit represents a recently preserved and working Irish 3' narrow gauge railway with a loco roster that boasts a T&D Hunslet and a rare preserved Walker Diesel!

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My aim is to cram as much variety as possible into a large scale exhibit which can be made small enough to be transported in an estate car.

Scenery work has progressed quite well but is far from finished. Rain gutters and fences are needed, and the space in the foreground will soon be occupied by a water tower and coaling stage.

The character reading the newspaper was supposed to be driving a horse drawn coal cart over the bridge - but I haven't finished making the cart yet - so for now he has to occupy himself with the news.

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The track ballast is the same garden centre limestone that I used out in the garden. Here it is held in place by applying 1:1 diluted PVA wood glue with a dash of washing up liquid (to help remove surface tension) allowing the glue to seep between the stones.

A similar technique was used to provide the platforms with a surface made from fine "N" gauge granite ballast.

All the railway's wall mounted and standard gas lamps have working 12v grain of wheat bulbs.

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