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4. Garage Line Landscaping

Garage Line 4 (24.6K)

Module 3:- The extent of the hillside and river bed can be seen more clearly. The stepped banks are formed from cork strip. The bridge now has its wooden posts and brass railings.

A temporary stop has been fixed at the end of the line in the tunnel mouth to prevent trains from plummeting to the garage floor. It is held in place by three woodscrews allowing it to be removed easily when adding a traverser table.

Garage Line 5 (33.2K)

Module2:- The cutting takes shape. Recesses have been left for the point lever and a semaphore signal.

The plywood contours have been covered with 5/6 layers of newspaper using PVA glue diluted 50/50 with water and a dash of washing up liquid. The paper is torn into approx 3"x3" pieces - these are glued down randomly and overlapping - then brushed over liberally with more glue. Each layer is allowed to dry thoroughly before starting the next, to give a robust papier mache hillside.

Garage Line 6 (21.9K)

Module 1 has two relatively small embankment areas to be landscaped.

The platform edges have also been added, and the sidewalls are ready for stone effect facing sheets. The edging "slabs" were cut in scale 2' lengths from pine stripwood to form the curved edges, which then needed sanding back to just clear coach running boards and loco buffer beams.

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