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Module 3 Basic Construction

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Here's module 3. It is the only module that drops to the lower level and will have a bridge over a small river or stream. You can see that the basic bridge parapet structures are already in place. The bridge centre section is removable for painting and detailing. Whilst it will already support the weight of the F501, it will also be reinforced by two girders underneath made from 1/2" aluminium angle.

Cork strips mark the eventual postion of the river banks. Plywood contours form a hillside into which the tunnel mouth has been cut. Basic retaining walls are already in place either side of the tunnel entrance.

The front panels of each module follow the contours of the scenery - as if the terrain had been sliced through as a section.

mdl3-02 (18.1K)

A view along the track through module 3. The hillside and stream will merge into painted scenery on the panel behind (to the left in the picture). Unrealistic shadows on the back panels are avoided by lighting the line from 7' above the front panels using an array of 60W spotlights on a frame running the length of the line.

The tunnel mouth forms the end of the line - you can see the garage door behind. A barrier, with a sign warning "Danger - subsidence - do not enter", will be needed if trains are not to plummet to the garage floor!!

When there's more room, such as at an exhibition, the tunnel mouth will form the entry point to a three track traverser table so that several different trains can arrive and depart along the line.

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