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Module 2 Basic Construction

mdl2-01.jpg (20.9K)

The view down the track into module 2, which joins module 1 at the other side of the road bridge (see the plan on the introduction page.) The bridge and the tunnel mouth in the distance are sized to allow the F501 - the biggest of my locos - to pass through.

Just to the left, past the bridge, are plywood contours that will be the base for multiple layers of card and paper soaked in PVA setting hard to form the slope of a steep cutting - a technique adapted from my "electric mouse" days.

The blocks under the platform edge are for fixing the sidewalls, to be positioned 1cm proud of the platform edge as they will support "stone" edging slabs flush with the platform surface.

mdl2-02 (24.3K)

A general view of module 2. You can see how the road surface will slope down from the upper level, and curve round to where there will be a level crossing over the track.

Module 2 boasts the only point on the line. This is a 10' radius brass rail kit from Brandbright that I adapted by substituting whitemetal chairs for the plastic ones in the kit.

In the foreground is the join with module 3 with more plywood contours to shape the terrain. The matching profile of the end pieces will allow the break in terrain to follow the join in the baseboard modules. The plywood back panels extend upwards by 25 cms above the middle level, so that the scenery can merge into a painted backdrop.

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