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Module 1 Basic Construction

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Each of the three "baseboard" modules has a frame made of 2" x 1" rough sawn wood (carcass) to which 1/8" plywood panels are nailed and PVA glued to form a very rigid box structure. Panels supporting the track bed are re-inforced underneath with additional 2" x 1" frame to bear the weight of trains without deflection. 16mm scale locos can be very heavy indeed. Each module also has detachable legs made from planed 3" x 2".

In this picture module 1 is without its plywood end panels revealing the 2" x 1" frame and strengthening underneath. You can also see how construction at this early stage already includes the basics of the scenic features including the bridge and plywood contours for cuttings, banks & hillsides.

mdl1-03 (25.2K)

The line will have three scenery levels - upper, middle and lower. Laying the track at the middle level will allow scenic features both above and below the track.

Module 1 will have a station area and yard at the middle level, a road at the higher level with a bridge over the track, and a sloping access road. The lady on the bench is to the front of the intended position of the small rural station building.

The track is the same gauge as my Peco 45mm garden line, but was built in situ using brass rail, whitemetal chairs and hardwood sleepers from Brandbright. Note how the track bed to the left is already recessed below the road and station level.

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"Good Gracious. The service here is absolutely dreadful...!"

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