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"Flora" Tub Wagon (3)

Hopper body Simple axleguards
Hopper train

I sprayed the hopper bodies with "steel" acrylic used to renovate car wheels. Rusty red oxide would be very effective with weathered frames.

Simple axleguards were cut from aluminium sheet and drilled for brass bearings and screw fixing holes. These were folded in the vice to form a shelf with corners filed rounded to seat two coil springs. Springs were wound from 19 swg copper wire.

I cut and shaped plywood sheet inserts to fit on the ledges inside the tops of spare tubs. These tubs were covered with cling film over which the ply inserts were pushed into position. I filled the remaining shallow space to the rims with a heap of horticultural grit, which was then thoroughly wetted with 50:50 diluted PVA. Once the PVA had dried, bonding the grit loads to the ply bases, the lightweight dummy loads could be removed and fitted to the completed wagons.

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