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"Flora" Tub Wagon (1)

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Sketch 1

Rivet-counters and purists of a nervous disposition should turn away now {short description of image}.
For in these next few pages I present my own shameless interpretation of their worst nightmare, the supreme heresy.... the "Flora" tub wagon!

I wanted to build a 14 axle train of cheap simple freelance mineral & ore hoppers. The only bought-in items were 30mm steel wheels and round couplings from Brandbright, and some plastic ladders I had in my parts bin.

I cannot offer plans but have included rough sketches for inspiration. Dimensions are in millimetres. These are not scale plans.

The following pages show how I made the frames from basewood, and cut simple axleguards from .64 aluminium sheet.

I found there were at least two types of Flora tub. An earlier type with a minutely dimpled surface, and a later smooth type. Either can be used, but if you have them the dimpled type seem more rigid and take paint better. I prepared the tubs by roughening the surface slightly with fine emery, and then spraying with two coats of white acrylic auto primer.

Sketch 2

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