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F501: Cab Construction

Photo: F500-21.jpg (15K)

Angle locating guides for the engine cowls have been bolted to the frame through the chassis top plates. The guides follow the tapered outline of the engine housing from the centre cab position to the buffer beams. They form the lower part of the frame for engine access doors and provide the final component for end-to-end rigidity of the chassis assembly.

The four vertical 6BA bolts in the centre section near each corner of the battery are the mounting points for the cab. The bolts will protrude through the cab floor enabling the cab module to be secured to the chassis by tightening four nuts.

Photo: F500-22.jpg (13K)

The cab was formed by bolting together sections of .032" aluminium sheet onto a .064" thick floor section. One of the challenges of modelling in aluminium is to design bolt-through mountings which cannot be seen from the exterior of the completed locomotive. The side sections are formed inward at 90 deg. down each edge to make smooth corners, and have 90 deg. mounting tabs at the base of the doorway and at the top of each door pillar. The top tabs are bolted to each of four corners of an inner roof plate to form a robust box section. The image shows where the tab at the base of both doorways is bolted to the floor.

Photo: F500-23.jpg (18K)

Four holes in the cab floor have been aligned with the four vertical bolts enabling the cab to be secured to the chassis. The raised level of the floor allowed clearance for the two drive shafts which crossed over under the cab. The modular construction will allow main assemblies such as the chassis, cab, engine housings and bogies to be easily separated for painting and for completion of electrical wiring.

The four bolts in the bulkhead beneath the cab window will be eventually be concealed by the engine housing. It's beginning to look like an F50x, but there's still a long way to go. My next big headache is how to model the louvres in the sixteen engine cover doors!

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