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F501: Buffers & Batteries

Photo: F500-17.jpg (25K)

Buffer beams and overhanging end running plates are attached to the chassis using countersunk 8BA bolts. These tighten flush with the surface and will be barely noticeable after priming and painting. The square cast buffers from Brandbright are similar to the Irish prototype. Two small holes drilled to the right of the buffer are for a fitted ladder which was a quite distinctive feature of the F500's.

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Despite being mounted vertically, the motor requires very little space above the level of the running plates. The Yuasha 1.0 Ah rechargeable lead acid battery weighs 0.5 lb and is held in a box structure underhanging the cab area. Housing it close to the track will contribute to a low centre of gravity for the completed locomotive.

The prototype F500 had the cab floor raised above the running plate (by a scale 16mm), so the top of the lead acid cell will be at approximate floor level inside the cab.

Photo: F500-16.jpg (25K)

The slots in the prototype sideframes were one of the most difficult features to model, and I'm still not entirely satisfied with them. The method I used was to drill three holes close together in a line then use circular and flat needle files to join them up. If just one hole was out of alignment the effect was ruined.

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