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F501: Basic Chassis

Photo: F500-11.jpg (13K)

I constructed the basic chassis from .064" aluminium sheet mounted in a frame made from 12mm aluminium angle. Countersunk bolts have been used in areas of the running plates along the chassis edges which will not eventually be concealed by the loco superstructure. Cellulose car body filler can be applied to the screw heads before sanding and priming, I prefer not to fill over the heads, so to retain ease of dismantling later for repairs or repainting. The flush tightened screw heads will be barely noticeable once primed and painted.

The large square motor bays will allow lateral movement of the vertically mounted traction motor(s) inside the loco bodywork as the bogies negotiate curve radii.

Photo: F500-12.jpg (14K)

The chassis underside reveals eight aluminium angle cross members. To keep weight to a minimum each cross member serves a dual purpose. Each contributes to the rigidity of the frame and is positioned to provide mounting points for the buffer beams, bogies, and battery boxes.

The modular bolted construction makes later removal of component parts, such as buffer beams or side frames for replacement, repairs, detailing or separate repainting, very easy.


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